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Vistas: Write. Record. Gig. Repeat

Vistas: Write. Record. Gig. Repeat

By: Disorder Magazine

Vistas – Prentice Robertson, Dylan Rush, Jamie Law and Graham McDonald – are an indie-rock band with Scottish swagger. They recently ventured south of the border for a successful tour, stopping off at Thousand Island for a SoundCheck and a chat.

DISORDER: What are you working on right now? 
VISTAS: Promoting our latest single Retrospect. We’ve got a brand new music video, which we can’t wait to share, and a headline tour around Scotland. We’re also focusing on writing new material and making our live show more exciting every time. Can’t wait to kick off 2018. 


What people, places or things inspire you?
Our friends and family definitely inspire our songwriting; they say write about what you know, and we guess that’s what we do. But the main thing that inspires us is playing live, because it’s so addictive and makes you crave the next gig. Also, getting a positive reaction from people in a crowd or online makes you keep working and pushes you to write better songs. 

What artists are you guys listening to at the moment?
One of our favourite bands at the moment is Marsicans from Leeds. They are constantly releasing bangers, which we always have playing on the road.

What got you started?
All four of us went to the same high school and had a similar taste in music. So we started playing covers of our favourite bands and it sounded great. Then we tried writing our own tunes and we thought we had something special. That’s what kicked it off really. We knew early on this is what we wanted to do.

What's your most memorable review?
A drunken guy in Oxford told us we all had nice hair – don’t know if that counts but it was memorable. 

Who has the worst trait in the band? And what is it?
Jamie, he snores. Loudly. 


What talent do you wish you had?
We would love to be great at piano; it’s so frustrating when you have a great idea for a piano part in your head but you can’t get it out. 

What innovation/invention do you love most?
Has to be the supermarket meal deal. It’s literally a lifesaver on tour. 

What's the band's present state of mind?
Write, write, write. Record, record, record. Gig, gig, gig. Repeat. Nah, we’re all really pleased with how it’s going and really excited for next year. We’re all dead thankful for everyone who’s supported us so far and hope more people will join us for the ride. 

What would you do if you were not doing this?
We genuinely don’t know. It’s hard to think what else you’d do when you place so much of yourself into the band.