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SHEL: Like Minded Fool

SHEL: Like Minded Fool

By: Danny Judge

‘I love them,’ I gushed down the phone into an empty PR’s voicemail. ‘The music video, the look, the sound; everything. Everything they do is electrifyingly eccentric, and we need to meet them. Now.’

And, as they say, the rest is (recently-made) history. Definitely the hottest act right now to have been signed to Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart’s record label, Dave Stewart Entertainment, in a joint deal with Membran, the four American sisters of SHEL originate from Nashville, Tennessee and bring a whole swathe of influences to their haunting music. The four have distinctive personalities, and blend together to create a kooky and addictive feel. The sisters played their London debut recently with a residency at The Hospital Club in London, and we caught up with them to discuss their very own version of the American Dream.