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Poet, rapper Patch

Poet, rapper Patch

By: Disorder Magazine

UK poet, rapper Patch coined the phrase “drunken philosophy” to refer to the fact that he enjoys meditating as much as he likes to party. Thus his Instagram is part boisterous photoblog, part poetic soapbox. And his Disorder feature part meditative interview, part convivial SoundCheck.

This theme, drunken philosophy, breathes life into his creative output, a duality that is equal parts conscious poetry – spoken word poem Prison paints a picture of the mind as a lock-up, with ego its jailer – and equal parts “turn up” [check out Crack the Bottle]. “My music,” he enthuses, “Is all about encouraging people to embrace all elements of who they are.”




His poems are raw, his music real, the melodies and lyrics often a far cry from the in-your-face, gritty bravado of grime. He cites musicians as far apart in style as J. Cole and Paulo Nutini as inspirations, the former a key instigator in his music making, “I was always writing poetry from a young age, rapping a little bit in school; it was at a J. Cole concert that I decided this is actually what I want to do, I want to make music.”

But "Embrace Your Contradictions", that acronym on his T-shirt, his own clothing line, is not “just a slogan; it’s a way of life”. “Don’t try and hide anything because it’s not expected of you,” he says, “That’s how you end up with loads of fucking clones.” He continues: “In society people are generally encouraged to be what they’re perceived to be, whatever’s apparently more dominant. That’s the box people fit into.”




For Patch, boxes are to be broken out of. To be torn down. On that old debate about the artistic value of rap, he says firmly: “To me, a rapper is a poet. There’s no distinction. The words you’ll see in a Kendrick Lamar song are amongst some of the greatest writing you’ll see anywhere.”

On his own box, he’s just as resolute. He’s his authentic self. Unabashed. Unashamed. What does that mean exactly? Well, like he says, “Everything you need to know about me is in the music.”