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Electric rock band Goose: session

Electric rock band Goose: session

By: Disorder Magazine

The Camden Assembly allowed us in once more… this time to record a SoundCheck with Belgium electronic rock band ‘Goose’. It was the last (and incredible!) date of their current tour of the UK (though they will be back in May).

Their latest album 'What You Need' was released in April to critical acclaim. So we got more than a little lucky to film 2 tracks form the album live in this SoundCheck session... as well as a little interrogation!

Disorder: You recently completed a tour of the UK... how did it go and what were the highlights (and lowlights!)?
Goose: The Uk crowd kick started our career. It's here where we learned how to conquer a crowd. So everytime we come back it gives us new energy, because a Uk crowd is a tough crowd! When you suck, they will let you know, but when you deliver, they we will go crazy and the are so generous with their energy. The show at the Camden Assembly was a good one and it felt like a homecoming gig. Next stop is the Great Escape festival which we very much forward because we'll hopefully meet up with our friends at Skint records.

Disorder: Your new album has been well received, what are the main stories/influences behind it?
Goose: It's real, honest, pure. Danceable and at the same time great for long rides. The idea was to put the songs forward and focus on the sound later. We spend a lot of time in Los Angeles with Jason Falkner who assisted us on arranging and writing a couple of songs on the record. His influence and the vibe of L.A. is defiantly present on the entire album.


Disorder: How did ‘Goose’ come together?
Goose: We've been friends since high school and somehow we managed to stay friends and make a career out of it 

Disorder: Why name the band ‘Goose’?
Goose: Top Gun!

Disorder: Do you all have similar tastes in music?
Goose: Kind of. We all have our specific music we listen too, but there are certainly albums that bind us. Dark Dancer, Les Rhythmes Digitales is one of them.

Disorder: Music heroes?
Goose: Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Air, Ac/Dc, Lennon.


Disorder: What does it feel like when your music is used on tv/films?
Goose: We are not the band that get's played on radio so easily, so it's great that our music has found it's own way in how to reach people. So for us that is playing live and being played in tv and in movies. You could say we are film buffs so, it kind of makes sense.

Disorder: How do you write the music?
Goose: Sometimes by jamming, and sometimes by working individually on tracks. There are really no rules. A good song overcomes you. Our set up is organic. We use Pro tools as a recording engine and we mostly use analogue gear to record. We've collected good stuff over the years which we are really proud of and which defines our sound.

Disorder: What’s next?
Goose: We are building a new studio and we can't wait to start writing and recording new music in this new environment. 

Disorder: Finally, when you are away on tour what do you miss most about Belgium?
Goose: Home!

GOOSE ‘WHAT YOU NEED’ IS OUT NOW -  https://lnk.to/what-you-need