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Conway in Session for DTV

Conway in Session for DTV

By: Kate Allen

Straight-talking, St. Louis via Brooklyn and Downtown LA singer-songwriter Conway played her debut shows in London earlier this month and made quite the impression.


Straight-talking, St. Louis via Brooklyn and Downtown LA singer-songwriter Conway played her debut shows in London earlier this month and made quite the impression.

When not busy wowing her growing UK fan base, Kassia Conway found the time to chat with Disorder about her upcoming debut album, her love of London crowds and touring with Ellie Goulding. She also spoiled us with exclusive live performances of ‘Hustler’ and the title track from her excellently eclectic Big Talk EP.

We’ve got a feeling she won’t be giving intimate performances like this one for much longer…

First things first, Conway is your last name. Why did you choose to go by your surname?
My friends call me Conway. And I quite like the idea of people shouting it at me from across the room like you would a sports player – more so than I like hearing the intimate sound of my first name. It’s better for me.


How is London treating you? Have the live shows been going well?
London has been incredible! Shockingly there were a lot of people at the shows and they actually danced and spoke to me afterwards. I was told neither of things would happen with a London audience! The energy was really up, especially considering no one knows who the hell I am. In addition, I love simply walking the streets and opening my eyes to London.

You’ve been on tour with Ellie Goulding. Is she a musician you admire? Any other Brit girls you’re a big fan of?
Yes, Ellie Goulding is extremely good at what she does. I never heard her voice falter once and she expertly plays the acoustic guitar. She’s worked very hard and continues to do so, which I find very impressive knowing how gruelling this business can be, and how much criticism can befall you.

As for British musicians – Savages are cool, and Adele, obviously.

Do you think American gals have the edge when it comes to pop though? 
What kind of edge? I think women mostly have curves!

How do you keep your ice white hair looking so flawless when you’re on tour?
Luckily I’m a natural blonde so even though I lighten the front it doesn’t really matter when it grows out. Also I embrace the mess look fully and never bother brushing my hair. So I guess I’m a flawless mess! Thank you.

Do you prefer writing and recording new music or being on the road?
There’s nothing that equals the moment of inspiration when you’re chasing a song into being written. It’s magic in every way, so I guess that moment is my favourite. Performing is a different kind of high and I love it, its just the travel in between I wish I could sometimes skip!

We’re loving your Big Talk EP – how representative is it of the music we’ll be hearing on your debut album?
It’s a very good introduction to the album in that it’s diverse and expressive. Everything you will hear on the album has its own story to tell and mood that comes with. I don’t think any two songs sound alike so hopefully no boredom will occur.

You used to be in the band  All Wrong And The Plans Change – do you feel more comfortable as a solo artist? Has it taken some getting used to?
I love being a solo artist. It was initially strange to not be playing my bass all the time but that’s spawned quite a bit of dancing. The only part that I didn’t expect was the bit of loneliness that can come from doing most things by yourself. I’ve just been really used to bands. I would never complain though, because getting to sing and write and live and eat all at the same time is a miracle!


Born in St. Louis, made your mark in Downtown LA – which location was more influential on the music you’re making now?
My music is reflective of what I’m going through at any one time but also. as is true of most writing, it really is a sum of the parts. I don’t think my music is location specific so much as it is an expression of this stage of my time as a living being. Also I’m pretty sure I supposed to be on a different planet! So there’s that.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?
David Byrne. He is one of the most interesting songwriters of all time and if I could manage not to embarrass myself I would love to learn more from him.


Conway’s EP Big Talk is available as a free download from iamconway.com.