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A Monochrome Session with Scarlet

A Monochrome Session with Scarlet

By: Bobby Latter

Scarlet came in to our office to perform her new track ‘X’ for the next in our series of ‘Monochrome Sessions’.

Scarlet came in to our office to perform her new track 'X' for the next in our series of 'Monochrome Sessions'. We managed to grab a few words from her before she disappeared off to rehearsals for a play she has just written.


D: Where do you get your style?

S: Style wise – I like to think I've always been quite adventurous and unique with my clothing. I'm not afraid to wear vintage prints/fashions or modern new takes on styles. I found my confidence to wear clothes as teen. I was the 'rebel' of my year; while everyone else wanted to wear the latest trainers, I was more at home wearing my mum's vintage Levis, with a vintage punk top chopped up (by hand – by yours truly) with some Dr Martens. 

I was bullied at school but I didn't let that stop me being who I wanted to be; it pushed me to keep myself as far away from what they were. Music also influenced my style. I was very into alternative rock bands as a teen and due to that I am now the queen of applying eyeliner. Got that cat eye on point! My mum used to design clothes in the 90s, so her passion for clothes was passed onto me. I've still got some of the original jumpers that she made, and every time I wear one someone compliments it. At the moment I'm very much into 90s fashion and into 70s prints.

D: When and why did you start performing?

S: I started performing when I was about three; firstly to my grandparents who had the job of looking after me and keeping me entertained while my parents were at work. I would act and sing out all my favourite Disney films for them; they encouraged me to do what I loved doing. I went to a theatre school as a child, Barbara Speake Stage School, which although, yes, it was a 'stage' school it was the least stagy of them all. We were treated like normal kids, and if someone got an important job then, yes, praise would be given, but we weren't treated like child stars. I learnt to dance, sing and act there. I started gigging when I was 16 – when I gained a place at The BRIT School – which was one of the best experiences of my life. I was in a band there and we constantly gigged around London in venues like the Barfly, Islington 02 Academy, Half Moon Putney. I just knew that when I was performing I was at my happiest; performing does something to me that I can't really describe. I just feel at one with myself, and that’s the best feeling, so I wanted to continue with that.


Scarlet perforning 'X' in our offices.

D: What style of music do you describe yourself as?

S: My music is a mix of pop/rock/folk/indie... a big mix. With new material I'm working on, I'm adding in some electronic drums, alike to the drums that Oh Wonder use in their tracks – just to keep switching it whilst staying true to what I do.

D: Which instruments do you play?

S: I play piano and guitar. I have a drum kit I can play two things on, and so I want to claim I'm a drummer also.

Scarlet was acompanied by Scott Viney on guitar.

D: Who are you listening to a lot of right now on Spotify, iTunes, etc.? 

S: I listen a lot to Florence and The Machine, Oh Wonder, Golden Ticket, Birdy, BANKS, Foals and Lana Del Rey.

D: Did old records and tapes influence you? Which ones?

S: I was influenced early on as a kid to the likes of Frank Sinatra, Eric Clapton, and The Beatles – because my dad would constantly be playing their stuff around the house. For me, their song writing skills and with Frank his vocal technique was second to none. I wanted to be able to do that. He was also into bands like The Who, which was my first opening into the world of punk/rock. My mum loved Whitney Houston, and would play her a lot. Her vocals again inspired me; I wanted to be able to create a sound that powerful. She also loved 'That Boy Is Mine' by Brandy and Monica, which was so catchy to me even at the age of four, so I began to understand what hooks were in a song.

D: Who are your favourite musicians / groups?

S: Oh my gosh – hardest question, there are so many, well all of the ones in question 5. I will always have a soft spot for bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy. I love Mumford and Sons, Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, Kanye – I mean, the list is endless.

'X' is available to pre-order on iTunes as of today!


F/ https://www.facebook.com/scarletofficialmusic/

S/ www.soundcloud.com/scarletofficialmusic

Y/ http://www.youtube.com/user/ScarletOfficialMusic