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One to watch: Alison Wonderland

One to watch: Alison Wonderland


One-time cellist and indie band bassist Alison Wonderland is an Australian DJ/producer with a compulsion for music.

And is currently working on her second album – “I'm basically sitting in the studio or my bedroom writing most days.” Blending pop with techno, trap and more, she concocts music like full-flavoured liquor: with spice, spirit and fire. When asked about her muse she cites emotions and performing: “No matter where I am, if I'm feeling something extreme it’s usually the main motivation and inspiration for writing music. The thing that inspires me most is definitely the raw energy of a crowd. The sweatier and more primal it is, the more inspired I am to go hard on stage and feed off their vibe. It's the greatest feeling. Very cathartic.”