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I Got You In My Camera - Punk 1976-1979

I Got You In My Camera - Punk 1976-1979

By: Jillian E. Phillips

The greatest punk artists to ever grace the stage and our record collections now come to life through Rockarchive’s latest London exhibition, “I Got You In My Camera – Punk 1976-1979″.


Rockarchive is the brain child of photographer Jill Furmansky. Originally just a website to bring her work and the work of other rock photographers to the public, Rockarchive has expanded to include galleries around the world. Each gallery has a unique feel and local focus on the collection.

Olympus Image Space Gallery on Bishopsgate is the host of one such gallery, and the current exhibition. Black and white prints of punk royalty fill the walls of the exhibit while classic rock playing in the background sets the mood. The gallery is also distinctly London, focusing on images of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Sex Pistols. If you want something to take away, photo-books sit off to the side, beside copies of Glen Matlock’s autobiography.

A mix of on-and-off-stage antics, the gallery and images capture the feel of the height of the punk movement. In one print, The Clash are writhing on the ground, lost in their own music as they perform on stage. In another print, the Sex Pistols cram into a phone booth, faces distorted against the glass. No rules, no reason, just chaos.

OLYMPUS IMAGE SPACE GALLERY 199 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3TY. 2nd July – 4th August 2014

Images: (in order from top to bottom) Sheila Rock, Jill Furmanovsky, Ray Stevenson, Jill Furmanovsky