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George Maple: Lover

George Maple: Lover

By: Disorder Magazine

Listening to George Maple’s debut album Lover is like receiving a series of intimate whispers in the ear.

Except George, a soulful Australian inspired by the likes of Donna Summer and FKA Twigs, does more than whisper. She pines, she roars, she compels. Lyrics encompass lust, power, obsession and in Hero, a song about “embracing the strength in fragility”, finding love for oneself. Devotion has gone into the production, too, the music assembled as a dreamlike soundscape, an ethereal easel for the stardust brush of her voice which is sometimes syrupy, sometimes sultry, but always rich. Like its theme, the album often draws a feeling of a moment frozen in time, before building to a heady release as on Sticks and Horses and Kryptonite. Between interludes in the language of love, samples from the likes of philosopher Alan Watts, and collaborations with rappers GoldLink and Rome Fortune, Maple embraces all in pursuit of her subject. Lover is an experience in which even the most inexperienced in love can find something desirable. Even if only in fantasy. Beaux rêves amoureux.

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