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Endorsement: Creatures

Endorsement: Creatures

By: Morgane Nyfeler

​Warehouse parties are not the place to get your underground rave kicks – unless, of course, you’re partial to a bit of asphyxiation by crowd and are chill about bleeding your student loan to confirm your cool.

Like us, London has been thirsting for something exciting and new to break the warehouse monopoly on secret fun. Something less industrial. Enter Creatures, a series of exclusive parties thrown from May to October, inside a suburban forest or under a railway arch, a junkie’s-needle throw from civilisation. This neo-rave concept is the brainbaby of three modern-day adventurers, Georgio Oniani, Nic Thompson, and Dean Marc. Their alfresco, pop-up, techno parties provide a space to ignite your inner self and find like-minded souls – the woodland setting adds a layer of mystery and seclusion, allowing you the mental and spatial freedom to dance and go wild like the animal you are.