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GoldLink, Washington rapper

GoldLink, Washington rapper

By: Goke Solanke

Last Monday we were able to catch Washington-based rapper, and all-round futuristic man, GoldLink, ahead of his show in London.

How did the name come about?
I was watching a documentary, American Pimp, with my friends and the name came up, which I liked.


So you’re in London for a few days for your show. Is this your first time in London?
This is my third time!


What has the support been like for you in London from across the pond?
They have been amazing and supportive. The first people that really supported me and got me to this point.


And the new album And After That, We Didn’t Talk. Why that name?
It was pretty much relationship-based. Normally after a relationship, you don’t talk to the person you were in the relationship with.


So you don’t talk to people from past relationships?
Nah, not really.


In one of your tracks, 'Spectrum', you have some Filipino thrown in. Why?
I was in the studio and my friend was in the studio, and she normally talks in Taglog the language, in her language to her friend, so I thought it was cool and got her to add it to the track.


What’s your favourite song from your new album?
'Palm Trees'


Your previous EP, The God Complex, did very well. How did you find that – being so well received?
I loved it. It's so surprising that people really connected with it and it got me as far as it did. I didn’t expect it to get me so far.


How would you describe your sound? It’s not your normal hip-hop!
Future Bounce. A very nostalgic feeling with a very newer bounce; the essence is the same but with a newer feel to it.


You have actually worked with a few people from across the UK – Bipolar sunshine on his track 'Future'. What was it like working with him?
Funnily enough I actually didn’t. It was weird. I got the track, thought it was amazing, and did my thing!


I heard rumours you’re working with Craig David?


Can you tell us more?
Erm (his lips were sealed on this one!! ☺).


And what do you think of hip-hop and rap at the moment?
It’s in a weird place. I feel it is more commercial than it’s ever been before but there still a lot of cool promising acts; I guess it's changed into a more melodic tone. So it’s like an interesting time.


Who, then, were your influences going up on your sound?
I wouldn’t say I was influenced by anyone, it was probably more the area that I grew up that helped shape my sound.


If you could have a super power what would it be?


That’s the quickest anyone I’ve asked that question to has ever answered!
Because a lot of time I spend is spent, travelling and I hate that, always in a train, plane or car.


If you were a vegetable, what would you be?
A tomato.


That doesn’t count it’s a fruit haha!
I would be a tomato beet, a beet and tomato mixed together, fruit and vegetable mixed together – I would be the first vegetable fruit!


Haha! So GoldLink, What do you have in store for 2016?
I guess keep working the same tape, working more and cutting more records.


You going to change you style?
Well I like to keep people guessing, I like to change things up.

– – –