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Disorder Meets Shystie

Disorder Meets Shystie

By: Tony Bigcraft

Disorder magazine met up with one of the Baddest girls in the music industry Shystie, to talk about everything “Pink Mist” her EP out 28th April and to also find out how Disorder she is.

Disorder magazine met up with one of the Baddest girls in the music industry Shystie, to talk about everything “Pink Mist” her EP out 28th April and to also find out how Disorder she is.

Fashion loving UK rapper Shystie has been flying the flag for female rap for over 10 years and is still keeping her fans on their toes with her new hard body material that has reawoken a few of her fans and put her back up there with the rest of the top UK musicians. She grew up listening to her parents’ Al Green and Marvin Gaye records before enrolling on a sound engineering course in order to understand the business of music-making. With fellow Grime stars like No Lay, Lady Leshur and Lioness now doing well in the UK scene, Shystie has never been left behind and with this new EP I’m sure she’s going to shut down twitter with the raving reviews for some on the tracks there such as “gimmie head gimmie head”.

We met up with the talented Hackney born rapper, also known as Chanelle Scott Calica, in South London for an interview that was not only informative but was also educational, especially for her male fans.

So we know you’re a talented musician but you did some acting for a while, how did the whole Dubplate drama come along?
I just wanted to do other stuff apart from music and my manager asked if I wanted my own show, and I said yes of course. Who wouldn’t want their own show? So from there we started recruiting actors and when we started we expected a simple amount of views but then the views went high, higher reaching around 2 million compared to what we expected.

How did the Azealia Banks collaboration come along?
Basically a fan of hers hit me up on twitter saying she’s feeling my music and then she got at me herself via twitter and said she wanted to do a track but at that time I didn’t really know too much about her but she sent me the beat I felt it so thought Yh. So obviously we done the video which team Shystie used to made her look good for the video.

What’s your inspiration when it comes to fashion?
Basically just down to my mum and dad lol. Naa from sixteen basically I always wanted what people didn’t have. So this one time I bought a pair of trainers one day and was so happy, then I saw a bum wearing the exact same pair and I had to throw them away and I then I said I have to have my own style

What Five things can’t u leave the house without?
Ear rings love my big earrings, phone of course, gold chains, I’m just a big fan of chains, lipstick and my manager I suppose he looks good on my arm sometimes.

Everything has changed so much in the music industry and it’s very commercial now, what do you think of that?
I think it’s great but I’m going to do me and do a bad girl stage because it’s all about growth and we all have to grow in this industry.

What collaborations should we expect? And it isn’t going to be a Dappy and K Koke ting is it.
Lol no I’m collaborating with Zebra Katz and yh done that thing with Azealia but I focusing more on me, but if there’s a good artist that compliments what I do then you never know.

What have you got up coming?
Got my EP “Pink Mist” coming out 28th April. I’m also working on my next body of work but can’t reveal too much on that and I have been asked to do modelling at New York fashion week again so that will be fun.

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Photographed by Tom Ortiz