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Disorder Meets Fuse BW

Disorder Meets Fuse BW

By: Andrew Jenner

Disorder magazine met up with “Too Much Swag” rapper Fuze BW for an exclusive interview about his “Swag” and his flirtatious ways.

The talented South London rapper has recently put pen to paper and signed with Always Recording. A label that has produced some of the biggest industry names such as Wretch 32 and Chipmunk.

Jonathan Gomez (Age 23), better known as his stage name Fuze BW (Bread Winnaz) is an English rapper of Ghanaian and Portuguese heritage.

Having emerged from the scene alongside a band of new talent, which include close affiliates Krept & Konan, Fuze BW would often bypass the hype surrounding his name to concentrate on his University studies and passion for music which would find him in studio sessions with Wiley, Roll Deep, Yungen, Fazer (N-Dubz) and Sneakbo.

His hit “Too Much Swag”, that features fellow South London rapper Sneakbo, was immediately picked up by music lovers across the world after being featured on GRM Daily, SBTV, Stupid DOPE as well as 50 Cent’s own website Thisis50.com and label interest started to whisper around the UK.

You studied music at university and we recently saw your new video “Too much swag”, with a few big names in the music industry but what is coming up for you this year?
I have the remix coming out in a couple of weeks for “Too much swagger”, but can’t really give away the artists that are going to be involved but just know it’s going to be crazy. I’ve also got a creative track that when it comes out; a lot of artists are going to think, why didn’t I think of that! Get the mix tape “Bread Winna”, out end of the summer, that’s like therapy to people. It brings a lot of positivity and preferably at the end of the year the label will release the EP.

You have just signed with Always Recording, how did that come about?
We had a lot of meetings before Too Much Swag came out and after it came out I felt I needed them for the knowledge, structure and guidance and I felt comfortable with them, feels like family.

Relating to your song “flirt”, you say you’re the true meaning of a flirt, so what are your top three lines for the ladies?
LooL I don’t really have lines it’s just what comes to head, given the moment… so she might accidently drop and I’d catch her and be her knight in shining armour

How did you get all those big names in your video for “Too Much Swag” because when you watch it several times you see so many high profile musicians?
Well with Fazer (Ndubs), me and him, that’s like another brother to me. He had an executive direction on the mix tape (Bread Winna). For Manga, that’s my right hand man always in my videos. Griminal is another guy from the industry that came to show love, Redds is another right hand man. Flirt D, G Fresh are other good friends of mine, they know my potential so they came and showed support and to support the movement.

Are you working with any of these artists on anything else coming up.
I’ve got a few. Me, G Fresh and Fazer got some stuff coming up but me and Manga have worked on a few things but one of them might maybe jump on the remix you never know… Me and Flirt D you don’t know, they're all good artists.

Just on a fashion vibe, the video Too Much Swag had a lot of swag in it so we just want to know, what are your top three clothing labels you can’t live without?
I used to have a shopping problem to be honest and if I saw something I liked, I used to always get it, in all different colours. But there’s my Christian Dior trousers, I also have some exclusive Jordans as well that no one else has … I think …and it’s like in my song, I said too much “pezaz” and that adds to your swag.

What fashion have you seen recently that you think is a definite No No?
I saw a Gucci belt that was a LV belt and D&G belt combined!!! I also saw a pair of trainers that had Nike, Adidas, LV, Gucci and some other crazy stuff altogether. I think someone was trying to make “Nike Vuitton”!! But make sure you colour co-ordination is correct even down to the jewellery. Don’t be wearing all your jewellery just because you have it... Like gold on silver… sometimes less is more.

Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone trying to make it in the music business?
Don’t give up, be patient, be a master of your craft and feel like you’re in your element, believe in yourself – you have to be your own biggest fan.