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30 Seconds to Mars - Interview

30 Seconds to Mars - Interview

By: Taylor Glasby

Taylor glasby editor of disorder magazine disordermagazine.com interviewed the band

It was a grim, windy evening in London when we were sent scurrying up to a photographic studio where 30STM where holed up doing as much press as they could squeeze into one day.

Standing outside, having a smoke to try and quell the sheer nerves. Why won't my hands stop shaking? And what's that super weirdness in my throat that's making most of the words sound like a small pig in a well? Admiration for a band is all hunky dory except that it can make for a moment in your life where you think; I couldn't have embarrassed myself anymore than what I did just then. You can hear the words coming out of your mouth and your brain is hitting you with a rolled up newspaper; did you just say that? Did I? Fuck. Anyway, they were gentle and we had a blast being weird and talking about Saran wrap.

The interview is in two parts. We had so much in there. There was lots of random mess going on.

Part 1

Part 2