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Winter Wanderlust

Winter Wanderlust

By: Felicia Abban

“Come te vene ‘capa e di: “I love you!?” / Papa l’americano…”

Fashion cuts loose on the streets, markets and suburbs of New York.

Jacket by Yina Hwang, top and pants by K. Rashae, and heels by Forever21


Top and vest by K.Rashae, heels by Archives (H&M), purse by SUNDAWSON, and earrings by Rainbow Shops


Head wrap scarf by Archives, eyewear by Rainbow Shops, dress by K.Rashae, leggings by Eklektik, and heels by Jeffery Campbell


Turban by Archives, blouse and jacket by K.Rashae, pants by Bobby Day NYC, and heels by Charlotte Rousse


Dress by Yina Hwang, jacket by Urban Outfitters, fishnets by Archives, and heels by Forever 21


Jacket by K.Rashae, skirt by Yina Hwang, and shoes by Asos


Top and jumper by Yina Hwang, trousers by K.Rashae, and heels by Go Jane


Fashion: Alexis Nadira

Photography: Felicia Abban

Make-Up: Ranko

Hair: Keila

Model: Olivia @ Fenton Models