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Don’t Forget the Biscuits…What Biscuits?

Don’t Forget the Biscuits…What Biscuits?


This is one of five shoots forming Hannah Claydon’s ‘Whatever will she think of next?’ series.

The series sets out to challenge the fashion industry, which Hannah finds lacks an element of fun and humour, and to celebrate eccentric women of the world. The concept was inspired by Hannah's mum, a typically eccentric Northern woman. She has many blunt and bizarre sayings, some true to Hannah's Manchester dialect and some that make absolutely no sense at all. Hannah decided to work with five out-of-context quotes and create a concept and fashion set for each. At the heart of each photograph is an eccentric woman, relating back to the idea of her mum’s silly sayings.

"Eccentricity is too often diminished, particularly in this industry," Hannah says. "I want creativity to be celebrated and not be deemed successful on how 'fashionable' it is, but the reaction it provides. With each shoot I do I want people to laugh, I want them to smile and feel like they can really be immersed in the surreal. There's no beauty standards or body goals to look up to, just ginger wigs, cow heads and a whole lot of biscuits."










01. and 02. "Bourbon"

Model: Zeinab Batchelor
Suit by Asos, jumper model's own

03. and 04. "Ginger Nut"

Model: Josie Partridge
Shirt by Fashion Union, scarf, wig and glasses from eBay, culottes by Asos

05. and 06. "Malted Milk: 

Model: Hannah Goddard
Suit by Asos, shirt by River Island

07. and 08. "Party Ring"

Model: Hannah Goddard
Shirt by Asos, skirt by Pull&Bear, tights from eBay

All biscuit earrings designed and handmade by Hannah Claydon

Styling, set design and creation, art direction: Hannah Claydon
Photography: Harrison France