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Phiney Pet Has ‘No Fixed Abode’

Phiney Pet Has ‘No Fixed Abode’

By: Anita Keshi

Phiney Pet, the womenswear label known for its plethora of prints, is back with a new AW16 collection entitled ‘No Fixed Abode’. As the name suggests, this line is all about wanderlust and finding your tribe. Ravensbourne graduate and Phiney Pet creator, Josephine Pettman has made a name for herself with her use of bold, ornate graphics and signature leather.

This season Josephine has kept leather as a main focus of her collection but has chosen her prints to be less girly. She utilises animal patterns, faux-fur, and embellishments to elevate simple pieces, like joggers, into the realm of high fashion. There is a large emphasis on layering and taking under garments, like slip dresses, and making them the main attraction. 

We got the chance to talk with Josephine about her new AW16 collection, collaborating with Underground Shoe and her experience with Phiney Pet fan, Miley Cyrus.

Disorder: What was the inspiration behind your No Fixed Abode AW16 collection?

Josephine: The new collection for Fall/Winter 16 explores the life of a wanderer, roamer and rebel with no place to call home and nothing to tie her down. This season’s girl is a 'no shits given' nomad she lives on the fringe and creates her own rules. Think Top of the Lake G.J. meets Gypsy Rose Lee. Inspirations for this girl came from 1940s travelling, performing girl groups, female explorers, and traditional Gypsy families.

D: How would you describe the Phiney Pet wearer?

J: They know who they are and they know what they want. They are not afraid to say how they feel and certainly aren't afraid of colour!

D: Phiney Pet is known for elevating the ‘fun’ element with each season; how do you manage to keep the balance between fun and luxury?

J: It's about getting the balance right between fun prints and then nice fabrics. Putting a conversational print on a silk dress is the sort of way I do this.

D: You’ve recently collaborated with footwear label Underground Shoe for a capsule AW16 collection. How did the idea come about with working with them and what do you look for when selecting brands/people for collaborations?

J: I love what Underground does and although on face value we look like two very different brands at the core we share the same ideals. Our wearers are both rebels of a kind and are interested in getting that look which expresses their personality. When looking to collaborate I look for people who are like minded and willing to take a risk on creating something exciting.

D: What was your reaction to seeing Miley Cyrus in one of your designs?

J: It was super nice of her; I have a real appreciation for her aesthetic. I knew she was going to wear it because how she got the jacket was through private messaging me on Instagram. That was more of a shock, suddenly I thought to myself this is surreal I am messaging Miley Cyrus about her wanting one of my jackets.

D: What advice would you give to a budding designer looking to delve into the fashion industry?

J: Stay true to your aesthetic and don't be afraid to change what you like. No one prepares you for how tough being a young creative is going to be. Not everyone will understand exactly what it is you are trying to do, sometimes you will feel like you don’t understand what you are trying to do. Often it will feel like some people are skipping ahead whilst you are glued to the spot, use this time wisely to not be bitter but to plan something amazing… soon it will be your time to skip ahead. Good things comes to those who wait, great things come to those who have a plan.

D: You've had a pretty eventful 2015, what exciting things can we expect from Phiney Pet for 2016?

J: There are a few top secret projects... but there's a Phiney Pet x ASOS collaboration coming out very soon. Hopefully loads more products and painted leather!


This season Phiney Pet is all about embracing yourself and the free, fun-loving lifestyle. Time to get dressed in your Phiney Pet finest and start your own adventure!