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Model & producer Paul Carrigan

Model & producer Paul Carrigan


Whilst we were all busy working away at the All Heil the Veil shoot, Francesca Atentido sat down with model and producer, Paul Harrigan, to discuss how he became a model and then moved across into production.

“I originally started accountancy but only because a lot of young people have their parents push them into a career path and I had that pressure. That swiftly changed, because I had a need to create, which turned my focus away from balance sheets. I had always done what people had told me and been a good kid. When I reached university, I reached a place where I was able to make my own decisions. It was that fascination I had for creativity that I became a model."

“I didn’t see past Fashion Week or photoshoots. I was looking forward to the travelling aspect of it, to experiencing new languages and cultures. That is what excited me initially. Having been through all of that and made connections, it made it a seamless move into what I do now, which is production."

“It was basically being on set and me feeling like my brain was turning into mush. I was not really paying attention to anything and it was kind of like wasting time. So I decided to actively pay attention to everybody’s role on set. Whether it was the stylist, the make-up artist, hair stylist or caterer... From there it was essentially gathering a Rolodex of contacts and through that, I used my clients in modelling to end up in the production process."

“They trusted me that I can first of all perform in front of the camera, but they also trusted my vision. From there it’s taken a further step where I take more of a director’s role, whether it involves stills or films. I’m now more of a creative director."

“Being a male model, you need to develop a very thick skin initially to even break into the industry. The industry is based on what the client wants and not with who you see yourself as. Nothing is personal; it’s about what looks best. You need to look after yourself which is so crucial.”

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