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Designer Sadie Clayton

Designer Sadie Clayton

By: Disorder Magazine

Sadie Clayton launched her eponymous “luxury sculptural” womenswear label in 2015 after she graduated from Kingston University in 2013. Her pieces, many featuring her signature pops of copper, have been showcased on catwalks in London and Berlin and have been worn by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Ellie Goulding.

Disorder: What is your elevator pitch?

Sadie Clayton: I design sculptural clothing, specializing in copper, that empowers women.


D: What are you working on right now?

SC: The next collection.

D: What people, places or things inspire you?

SC: I am inspired by everyday life and can find inspiration anywhere. Naturally I am drawn to creativity, but also to those people who, like me, have had to fight and work hard to get what they have achieved in all walks of life. If I had to choose one person, my main inspiration is my mum who is amazing.


D: What artists turn you on?

SC: Anish Kapoor, Ron Arad, Joan Miro, to name a few shapes, volume, sculpture everything that I LOVE.


D: What is your ultimate ambition?

SC: I want Sadie Clayton to be iconic art/fashion.


D: Who do you want to be when you grow up?

SC: I want to be me ☺


D: What got you started?

SC: Living my life as the daughter of a white British mother and black Jamaican father, I grew up with lots of different inputs into who I was, who I should be, and obviously what I should wear.  From a relatively young age I realised the power of my style, how it made me stand out but truly represented my inner strength.  


D: What has been the biggest lesson or surprise along the way?

SC: I never take no for an answer and keep working hard at improving myself and my work every day.  I have learnt that there is a time for everything and that the universe will give back in the most unexpected ways.


D: Who was your first crush?

SC: Orlando Bloom, LOL.


D: What/where do you like to eat or drink?

SC: Actually, my boyfriend is a fantastic cook, so I am really spoilt and have all that I really need in the comfort of my own home.


D: Where and when do you feel most yourself?

SC: Actually, I am always myself. Having found my way as I was growing up to understand who I am, I find that I pretty much feel comfortable anywhere.


D: What is your worst trait? What do you like the least about yourself?

SC: I can be super impatient. I’m working on it, but I like to get things done and don’t like hanging around. This can drive others crazy, and sometimes it is better to think than act. I’m getting there, finding the balance.


D: What do you hate the most?

SC: People that eat with their mouths open/smack their lips, and dirty shoes!


D: What talent do you wish you had?

SC: I wish I could sing. If all else failed I could become a wonderful soul singer, have my fro out, platforms on and whirl back to the ‘70s.


D: What is your dominant characteristic?

SC: Demanding.


D: What do you appreciate most in your friends and coworkers?

SC: Energy and honesty. I like people who are honest with themselves and with me, and I think it is a trait that fewer and fewer people have.


D: What innovation or invention do you love most?

SC: Revolut card, it’s amazing and can be used worldwide, no charges and amazing exchange rate.  #travellife


D: Unpaid endorsement: what can you recommend?

SC: Fendi bag. I was gifted it in Miami and it’s super soft leather, lightweight and you can fit soooo much stuff in there, you’d not think so when looking at the size of it.


D: What is your idea of happiness?

SC: Positive mind, energy and soul.


D: What is your present state of mind?

SC: Energetic, raring to go after coming back from a lush break in Marrakech.


D: What would you do if you were not doing this?

SC: I would still be in fashion and lifestyle as a trend researcher. I have an innate sense of future trends, so I would put that to work somehow.