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Interview with Megan Christie: Designer at AKA Clothing

Interview with Megan Christie: Designer at AKA Clothing

By: Luci Wilden

As an avid AKA fan ever since the SS14 co-ords which still sit so prominently in my wardrobe, I couldn’t wait to have a chat with designer Megan Christie about the development of the brand.

Manchester brand, AKA Clothing have spent the last two years developing their label for a niche customer. AKA pride themselves on being strictly monochromatic, regardless of seasonal trends which sets them apart from your usual trend driven designers. Your average AKA fanatic tends to wear black all year round and holds a clear phobia of the colour wheel, only venturing into white and grey sporadically...

AKA have come far since their birth into the street wear scene which saw them make their mark with minimalism and innovative printing techniques. It's always fascinating to see a young brand progress and interestingly this season AKA take a far more polished approach. Their edgy prints have become more delicate, fabrics more premium and shapes more tailored. As an avid AKA fan ever since the SS14 co-ords which still sit so prominently in my wardrobe, I couldn't wait to have a chat with designer Megan Christie about the development of the brand. 


Your SS15 looks a lot smarter than previous seasons, what prompted this change in direction for the brand?  

We still have references of Streetwear but we have naturally progressed into more tailored areas.  The designers at AKA come from a tailoring background, so these influences naturally come through, sitting alongside the more street wear elements, its part of the AKA handwriting. 


Were there any designers that inspired the collection?

AKA’s inspiration comes from our own concepts and themes, we take inspiration for design detail and fabrications from classic menswear references from street wear to tailoring.


We love that you’ve continued to experiment with prints in your women’s collection. What influenced the patterns and textures this season?  

Our inspiration for the collection was based around the concept of 'natural  V digital'.  Looking at natural imagery based around science and biology, and contrasting this with other more digital constructs from the same theme. DNA Chains, Microscopic imagery, X-rays, scientific scales…


Have you introduced any new fabrics for SS15?  

We have introduced lighter-weight jerseys, and used these with interesting twisted seam details and curved stepped hems. For ladieswear we have worked with a lot of sheer fabrics, which lends itself to layering, there are the metallic highlights, neoprene printed leggings, and a new addition of darkly feminine lace pieces. 


How difficult was it designing and developing tailored pieces for the first time?  

The design team at AKA comes form a tailoring background, so they were keen to introduce their knowledge to the collection.


Did you follow any trends while designing the collections?

AKA is inspired by its own themes and revolves largely around its monochromatic palette, so instead of following trends, the collections revolve around AKA’s own concepts.


What can you tell us about AW15?

A continuation of detailed seam work, taped seams, knitwear, technical digital prints, textures and signature AKA print application and construction of garments. AKA AW15 will still have its feet in streetwear, but experiments further into tailoring and experimental shirting.