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Una Burke

Una Burke

By: Francesca Amato

Una Burke has taken the meaning of leather to a whole new level. It takes a unique person to wear Una Burke; this is for the bold and brave, for someone that likes to push fashion to the limit.

I love her designs; the intricacy and the attention to detail is what draws you in and makes it so powerful, whilst the noticeably handcrafted leather is a treat for the eye. Una has captured the imagination of so many, which comes as no surprise as she is a multi-award-winning artist and luxury leather accessories designer. She did her MA in Fashion Artefact at Cordwainers College at London College of Fashion. Her determination and drive led her to create her own independent label shortly after graduation, which took off almost immediately. Her work is currently being showcased in over twenty countries, which is highly admirable. 

I think people who follow fashion are always on the lookout to be different or try something new, to add something more and create a look that catches the eye of others. Her designs have been seen on celebrities such as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to name a few, perfectly fitting their bold, fiery personalities. It's not just celebrities that are attracted to her work, but in film we see her designs time and time again – most recently in the Hunger Games. To me her designs are very armour-like; clothes can make you feel different and explore emotions depending on the garment. Una’s designs make a person feel powerful, giving them confidence. It's interesting to see leather look so amazing and not provocative and overly sexual. Her work was recently showcased as part of an exhibition in Dubai called A Second Skin and held at The Cartel. The next exhibition will be at the Artisanal Intelligence during Rome Fashion Week, which begins the 29th January 2016. Here she will show her RE.TREAT collection, which explores the concept of healing and the body. She focused upon different parts of the body to show the limitations the body goes through when a person suffers trauma. This collection is highly thought-provoking and gives a visual interpretation of the way the body works, which is very clever and so powerful. 

I am interested to see more of her work in the future and see where she takes her designs next, as her work really intrigues me and I am sure many others feel the same. When something makes you think about different concepts in life and different experiences to me that is far more credible.