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People Love Kanye

People Love Kanye

By: Brandon Funes

Kanye West is doing something right. Despite being recognised by many as one of the world’s biggest assholes – Trump winning the polls at number one – Kanye is showing that there is a reason to why people put up with all his craziness. As he continues to try to establish himself as an elite part of the fashion world, selling one million dollars (approximately 700,000 pounds) worth of clothing out of a single store in the span of just three days is another trophy under his belt.


People queued outside the store in Black Friday-like fashion on the 17th of March in New York City a day before the store actually opened and the line became so massive that they had to shut down the entire block in order to accommodate the crowd. It was all labelled as 'tour merchandise' yet there wasn't anything on the clothing that specifically said Kanye West. The collection was composed of a couple of different denim jackets, shirts, and accessories, most of which had the print 'I Feel Like Pablo' – a reference to his latest album The Life of Pablo.

This turnout isn’t a first for Kanye West. It seems like everything he does garners massive attention and insane profits. There is something to say about a man who has the ability to sell out Madison Square Garden just to show off his new fashion line. Despite being obnoxiously blunt, unapologetic, and egotistic, Kanye is an influential figure in music and pop culture and his breakthrough to the fashion world is allowing others to pursue their inner Kanye and point out that they too harness the same ingenuity by supporting the artist. From his first debut at London Fashion Week, Kanye has been breaking boundaries and has been showing that despite what others say, he can survive in the fashion world. Given his history of selling out his Adidas Yeezy sneakers within hours of release each time they come out, it is highly likely that he will strike gold again when his Yeezy Season 3 collection, which was premiered at the Madison Square Garden event, drops sometime next month.