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Girl Gangs, Kink, and Bears? Oh My!

Girl Gangs, Kink, and Bears? Oh My!

By: Jade Ryals

“A little bit of sugar and a hell of a lot of spice”

How to describe Sugarbones? Perhaps by listing the names of the collections? Fight Like a Girl, Cute as Hell, Eye Candy, Cute Fetish. Honestly though, the online accessories store perfectly embodies these phrases. A little bit of sugar and a hell of a lot of spice, the Canadian-based brand headed by artist Cheyenne Federiconi – "a little candy coated skeleton with a fetish for cute" – strays towards the sweet and the childish; but then you read the text. 

The store offers an extensive collection of jewellery, prints, stickers, and patches, all in cotton candy colours with a sharp bite. They have heavy feminist undertones that deal with some major social issues in a comedic manner. Think cute, bad ass chick with a bit of kink thrown in. It's the perfect recipe for the modern woman. You're "Nobody's Baby"; you can be aggressively sexual; you dress for yourself. That's the image that these accessories exude. And fuck all of the rest.

The brand ships internationally, which makes it a perfect fit for our readers.

Check out our slideshow below for some more kitchy fun!