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Endorsement: regain your kick at ShoeSpa

Endorsement: regain your kick at ShoeSpa

By: Viktoria Erlacher

​Be honest, how many pairs of old shoes do you own? When was the last time they caressed grass or pavement?

Cry as we might, there comes a point in any shoe’s life when it becomes too scruffy to wear with pride. No matter how beloved. And so they sit, sad and shabby at the back of the wardrobe, absent of feet. Tied with nostalgia, and laced with the guilt of excessive binning, hoarding out-of-favour footwear is far too easy.

It’s a first-world dilemma: the battle between maintaining your trim and low-impact living. Meet ShoeSpa, the modern cobblers specialising in trainer and boot rejuvenation, saving shoes from death by landfill. Drop off your in-need sneaks for a spruce up near King’s Cross on Caledonian Road where their team of craftsmen will ozonise, refresh, and restore to former glory. Once handed a pair of WWII boots abandoned to an attic come peacetime, ShoeSpa therapists breathed disinfectant and life, reviving leather and sole. Hoarders rejoice. Dust down your old flames. Send them to ShoeSpa. Put the sparkle back in your stride.