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Digital Disturbances

Digital Disturbances

By: Christina Turner

The innovations taking place at the crossroads of fashion and technology have been transforming the industry for the past twenty years. These progressions have not only allowed for fashion production to become an increasingly sophisticated process, but have also altered the way that fashion is capable of being designed, consumed, and advertised. These changes have expanded the cultural space fashion occupies and has exponentially increased the number of consumers and influencers. We are entering the age of democratic fashion.

Showcasing at the Fashion Space Gallery, located at the London College of Fashion from the 11th of September to the 12th of December 2015 is the exhibit Digital Disturbances. The display presents an explanation of the way that fashion has been affected by the impact of the digital world. #Digital Disturbances will allow viewers to glimpse into the minds of the seven designers and creative teams through their interpretations of the results of this revolution on the world of fashion. 

Few of us today can claim that our lives have not been affected by technology. Many are consumed and fascinated by the possibilities that are continuously unveiled. The exhibit explores the inherent tension between the established structures of the fashion space and the emergent, chaotic, impact of the digital revolution. Few changes in the history of fashion have been so rapid, uncontrolled and exciting. The developments in fashion related to identity, ideals and morality can be seen as a symbiotic reflection of our society. Digital Disturbances examines the way that the fashion industry is being turned inside out and the myriad issues surrounding it. You will leave with more questions than answers, but that may be the intention.

Curated by Leanee Wierzba, the designers include ANRELAGE, Bart Hess, Flora Miranda, POSTmatter, Simone C. Niquille, and Alexander Porter, Tigran Avetisyan, and Texturall. Digital Disturbances is a must see exhibit, which will be followed by a programme of talks, workshops, and masterclasses. Whether you are a designer, influencer or have an interest in fashion, this exhibition will stimulate and perplex you. 

To find out more, head to the Fashion Space Gallery.