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Brash Young Turks: The Style of this British Urban Film

Brash Young Turks: The Style of this British Urban Film

By: Andrew Jenner

London Fashion Week is under way as designs for next year’s summer float over the catwalk.

To tie in with the event, Director Naeem Mahmood takes us through his decision-making process for his stylish, London-based film ‘Brash Young Turks’.

"British urban films seem to follow a predictable pattern when it comes to style – the Adidas tracksuit or the grey hoodie. And the films are usually confined within the council estate boundaries. Brash Young Turks is about a new breed of young Londoners from the wrong side of the tracks who are looking to transcend their backgrounds, create their own rules and do whatever it takes to breakout and rise up the food chain. I was tired of London being portrayed in British films as this grey, bleak and gritty place so I set out to transform the city into this hyper-stylized reality. I wanted the Brash Young Turks to be bold, international and loud in terms of their personal style. And that reflects their fearless, daring and ambitious nature. They refuse to be pigeonholed and are carving out their own identity. As Terrell's crew acquires more power in the property business, their look evolves, becoming more flamboyant." – Naeem Mahmood

Video by Kourosh Asgari & Melissa Spillard

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