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APC: Transmission

APC: Transmission

By: Disorder Magazine

At first the brand didn’t even have a name.

The debut collection was just called Winter '87. In the intervening three decades, APC has been integral to at least two fashion mega-trends, selvedge denim and normcore. It might also be described as modest-wear. The New York Times once called it "the closest thing that the fashion troops have to a barracks". If indeed these simple, refined, fabric-rich products can be considered fashion; they are often lazily referred to as basics. In an industry fuelled by "I want", APC makes the clothes you need. Founder Jean Touitou, who had worked at Kenzo and designed for Joseph, remains the company's owner. The Tunisian-French entrepreneur has compiled a coffee table book for its 30th anniversary, APC Transmission, which chronicles the brand’s history and methods. Styled something like a scrapbook, Transmission tears open the APC archive, Jean Touitou letting inspiration carry him hither and tither: never-before-seen illustrations, unpublished personal images, presentation speeches, memos, instructions and collection notes. Clothbound with crisp white and rich blue lettering, the book concludes with a complete catalogue of APC’s creations from inception to present day. At the heart of APC is a defining idea, that clothes should not overshadow the personality of the wearer. The name, by the way, stands for Atelier de Production et de Création.

APC Transmission is published by Phaidon and available now.