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Coney Island hoverboys

Coney Island hoverboys

By: Oliver Horton

William Gibson, the American writer who coined the term “cyberspace,: once said, “The future has arrived – it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

Well, a little bit of the future got distributed at the Coney Island funfair in Brooklyn, New York - where a marauding gang of hoverboarders terrorize the boardwalk like they were born with Segways instead of feet. (Spellcheck has questioned ‘hoverboarders’ and ‘Segways’, proof they ain’t contemporary but entirely futuristic.) It doesn’t hurt that one of these young dudes looks like the Beastie Boys’ AdRock circa 1978. Lucky for us, Milan-based art director Gian Luca Fracassi was on hand with an iPhone to capture this seminal moment of man’s evolution.