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Contemporary dance film ‘Alaya’

Contemporary dance film ‘Alaya’

By: Andrew Jenner

‘Alaya’ is the result of a collaboration between Emma Farnell-Watson, Matti Tapani Tauro, long time Disorder contributor Eleonora Cristin and Disorder.

I asked Emma Farnell-Watson, a dancer from the London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) to create a dance film for Disorder. The brief was wide open but just asked to consider it with fashion in mind. Matti Tapani Tauro, a fellow student from the LCDS collaborated with Emma to choreograph the dance film. Working closely with filmmaker Eleonora Cristin they researched and became inspired by the south bank area of the River Thames along with the theme of 'resistance' as a starting point.

Alaya - Filming a dance film on the South Bank, London.

Left to right: Emma Farnel-Watson, Johannes Menghi, Eleonora Cristin, Matti Tapani Tauro.

Also involved in the production was camera operator Johannes Menghi, Stylist Liat Annina Polishuk (who created Emma's costume), sound designer Antwerp and make-up artisit Katrina Apple.

Emma is currently in rehearsal for The Royal Opera House production of Tannhäuser, Matti is also a Co-Director at Vignettes Dance Theatre. And you can check out Eleonora's work out at ele-noire.com.