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March for Europe: protest lensed

March for Europe: protest lensed

By: Leanne Hunt

Organisers of today’s March for Europe hope it will increase pressure on the Government to delay activating Article 50, the formal process leading to Brexit.

The Standard

A sea of blue European flags filled Parliament square shortly after lunchtime, with marchers singing along to The Beatles' song 'Hey Jude', replacing the title words instead with "EU".
The Independent

It comes after an online petition garnered more than 4m signatures after the vote to leave the EU in June, but an official government response to the campaign said the Brexit decision “must be respected”.
The Guardian

“We believe in hope, we need to put more hope into the world than repair and that’s what the European Union was set up to do.
The Express

One group of men with hidden faces tried to block the passage of the march with a banner, but were moved aside by the blue-clad crowd.
The Standard

Photographer Leanne Hunt