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London Beer Week – An Entire Week Devoted to Beer!?

London Beer Week – An Entire Week Devoted to Beer!?

By: Kamran Tanner

As someone who abstains from drinking, the concept of a week devoted entirely to beer seems almost perverse. Immediately my, somewhat partial, mind conjures up scenes of abandoned, tumbleweedian offices as a marauding carousel of rosy-cheeked carousers detoxify by vomiting on doorsteps and urinating on monuments in order to refuel, pausing only, on their cyclical pilgrimage, to pass out on a park bench or the floor of a taxi with their trousers round their ankles.

Then, after having remembered to remove the stick from by backside, I realised that this isn’t so much a celebration of the exaggerated Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents style culture, but rather a celebration of the lovingly drafted substance itself. Or so it’s marketed. Anyway, irrespective of rhyme, reason or regard for my hammy opining, London Beer Week offers something for everyone. Or so it’s marketed. Damn, sorry, I really can’t help myself. But you can! To a £10 wristband that gives you access to jaw dropping, beer related deals and discounts across the capital! Clear your schedules!

In all sincerity though, London Beer Week promises an opportunity for beer drinkers to fill their boots as they assemble on beer tours that feature only the very best bars cherry-picked for their quality produce. As mentioned, you can purchase a wristband now for a tenner, which entitles you to £3 beers and £5 boilermakers (a beer and a bourbon apparently) for the duration of the week starting Sunday, February 16. Got your eye on a specific beer? Check out the full list of participating bars and their offers here.