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Spike Jonze smells like teen spirit

Spike Jonze smells like teen spirit

By: Jethro Marshall

In Kenzo World, the new fragrance ad by director Spike Jonze, the circle completes, the underground is the overground, the overground is etc etc. Spike Jonze, instigator of the NY hipster scene, darling of 90s street culture, creates a money grabbing, credibility sapping *gasp* fragrance commercial.

But wait, this is for Kenzo, the Paris fashion house reinvigorated by the new school hipster credentials of Opening Ceremony duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. So in this genius brand-client-supplier triumvirate comes a game changing, anti-romance belter of new luxury advertising. He maps out an immaculately choreographed (Ryan Heffington), wonderfully cast (Margaret Qualley), pumping soundtracked (Sam Spiegel + Assasin) two fingers to ’society’ events and sensibility. Not bad for a BMXing, skateboarding photographer who cut his teeth on lo-budget editorial. But it’s this spirited irreverence that underpins his approach to all projects and makes him the creative director’s creative director of today. Here we offer our collective highlights:

1991 - Video Days - The blueprint for skate videos today


1995 - the Pharycde, Drop - Weird, cool hip-hop

1996 - Beastie Boys, Sabotage - Capturing the 90s retro obsession

1996 - Daft Punk, Da Funk - Deadpan surrealism


2006 - The Gap, Refurb - Endearingly anti corporate

2009 - Being John Malkovich - Irreverent hollywood surrealism

2010 - Lakai, Twizzler - Deadpan mundane

2011 - Arcade Fire, The Suburbs - Dysfunctional suburbia

2016 - Kenzo, Fragrance - Subversive luxury