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Impossible? Shoot instant film

Impossible? Shoot instant film


Impossible film provides a contemporary way to enjoy the vintage charm of Polaroid.

The film suits hobbyists, especially if all one wishes to do is snap photos of the cat or a sunset, but the film also suits grainy photo stories that echo the energy of a Helmut Newton shoot or one of Patti Smith’s film tributes. The Third Man Records Edition of the film is no different. A cast of black and yellow veils instant images, crafting photos camouflaged with Jack White’s creative empire. The quality difference between Impossible film and even expired packs of Polaroid film is noticeable. They fade after a time, decreasing the photos’ crisp longevity. However, one is not deprived of the temptation and enjoyment of instant film. That endures.

Lauren Napier’s Polaroid-powered, alternative guide to Berlin can be found on page 26 of our winter issue.