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Only One Choice in the City – Short documentary

Only One Choice in the City – Short documentary

By: Andrew Jenner

Goodmans, the British electronics brand, has teamed up with creative collective, The Rig Out, to create a short film to document one facet of the ever-changing electronic music sub-culture in the capital.

Shot using a combination of different styles, cameras and aspect ratios, ‘Only One Choice in the City’ is formed of a series of cinematic set-pieces that reflect the tone and passion of both producers, their inspirations and their music. The result is a sequence of stunning visuals and meticulously framed imagery to stimulate the senses and create a cinematic experience.

An interesting concept this... a well known British electronics company teaming up with a creative collective called 'The Rig Out' to produce a short film that documents the ever-changing electronic music subculture in the capital.

Organ Tapes and Soundbwoy Killah, two upcoming producers in East London who live and breathe the electronic music scene in the capital, are the focus of the short film. Shot in East London and at the architecturally brutal Thamesmead Estate, the film visualises the internal creative process and escapism of music making and draws on the sense of opportunities for musical creativity in the city today. The film closes with the emphasis on counterculture, camaraderie and passion for music.

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For more information, please visit www.Goodmans.co.uk