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One to watch: Anna Laurini

One to watch: Anna Laurini

By: Morgane Nyfeler

​Have you seen this figure? If you live in London, chances are you have.

For the last few years, similarly striking profiles have emerged on street walls, staring down passers-by and subverting greyscapes. The culprit? Italian artist Anna Laurini. Her figurative portraits are inspired by the abstract expressionist movement of New York in the 1950s (think Pollock and Rothko); her faces bold and cubist, often accompanied by pithy didacticisms borrowed from the likes of Thoreau and The Doors. Apprenticing in studios and galleries, Laurini found herself drawn to the vibrancy of the cities she lived and studied in, from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology to London’s Central Saint Martins, and her hometown Milan, expressing herself on brick walls and bustling street corners. At the beginning of the year, Laurini collaborated with Lights of Soho, London’s leading light-art gallery, using neon on canvas to lend her portraits even more punch. As one of very few internationally recognised female street artists, Laurini invigorates cities with her people-focused paintings, stimulating the subconscious and providing colour to the everyday world.