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Top tips from indie filmmakers

Top tips from indie filmmakers

By: Disorder Magazine

Are you a budding filmmaker? Are your films more ‘aven’t-starred than avant-garde? In need of some pointers?

Even if you don’t know what storyboarding is, never picked up one of those black and white clacky things, or believe making films equates to pointing a camera at people playing make believe, it’s never too late to start learning. You might be the next Scorsese or, Integrity forbid, the bad-on-purpose mastermind behind Snakes on a Plane.

On the eve of their successful crowdfund campaign, we probed the trio behind Scales – a claustrophobic drama that spends an evening with four characters trapped in an apartment – for their best tips.

Scales is currently in production. Look out for more filmmaking tips in Director Nathan Hannawin’s I Shot A Punk Band in the spring issue of Disorder, available soon.