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FutureFest – What Might the World be Like in the Decades to Come?

FutureFest – What Might the World be Like in the Decades to Come?

By: Kamran Tanner

Thus asks the question posed at 2015’s FutureFest event. From the 14th to the 15th March, the Vinopolis exhibition space will be host to a series of discussions, performances and interactive experiences exploring the following six themes – democracy, global, machines, money, music and thrills – in an attempt to give colour to a vague and transient future.

With their figurative crayons tucked firmly in hand, the multitude of speakers set to feature include: NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, musicians George Clinton and Matthew Herbert, best-selling author and journalist Jon Ronson, and human rights lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy QC. Meanwhile installation and exhibit highlights include: NEUROSIS, the world’s first neurological thrill ride; Emotive City, an intelligent and responsive robot play space; and Tenison Road, a Microsoft Research project highlighting the impact of data collection on a local level and how it can make a difference on an everyday basis.

Designed to be a multi format event rather than a traditional static conference, visitors are encouraged to take self-guided journeys and interact with features that intrigue them most. This promises to be an unmissable experience for those with a desire to stay one step ahead of the curve.

For further programme information you can visit the FutureFest website or, if you’ve heard enough, purchase your tickets here.