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Endorsement: Museum of Transology

Endorsement: Museum of Transology

By: Rebekah Roy

Within the London College of Fashion is the Fashion Space Gallery and within that, until April 22, 2017, is the Museum of Transology.


It’s only the largest collection of trans artefacts and photographic portraiture ever displayed in the UK, from boxes of hormones to a not-so-pretty first bra, to real post-surgery parts. It’s an eye-opener and no mistake, and comes at a time when the trans community is at its most vibrant, brave and confident.

Each piece has a hand-written note that explains the importance to its former owner’s transition, which infer on mundane objects a depth and poignancy. The curator is fashion historian and trans activist E.J. Scott, who says: “The exhibition is about how every single one of us deserves the freedom to fashion who we want to be. Fashion designers… play an increasingly significant role in challenging the constraints of gender stereotypes perpetuated by the industry.”

Also featured are Brooklyn tailors Brinkle & Keep, behind the scenes footage from the filming of Born Risky by Grayson Perry and campaign materials featuring trans model Munroe Bergdorf – a Disorder One To Watch alumnus.