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Chinese New Year – Year of the Sheep

Chinese New Year – Year of the Sheep

By: Kamran Tanner

Every year a small part of London welcomes the arrival of the New Year with a typically Chinese flourish.

If this is something that you have yet to experience then allow me to establish a scene: Crowds amass on the Chinatown streets, caught in a kaleidoscope of noise and colour, to cheer on the dancing dragons and performers who wend their way past popup stalls of food and craft, whilst the restaurants, bars and shops that makeup everyday Chinatown life throw caution to the wind, celebrating with their own events and specialised menus.

This year the party will take place over the weekend beginning February 21st, with a smaller, more ceremonial event taking place on the Saturday and the bulk of the festivities happening on Sunday. This six-hour entertainment fest, hosted by Jing Lusi of Holby City fame, will feature a parade, a variety of traditional acts and a main stage in Trafalgar Square. Yes, it might be the year of the sheep this time around but don’t expect that to mean that the revelry will be any more meek than usual.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!